Dark Haus


We hold innovation in da house. We invest in highly creative, strategic, actionable incubator lab agency start-ups. Our portfolio companies launch high-priority launches and conceptualize great concepts.


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Innovation — the next new thing

We strategize strategic strategies for our clients that propell their brands into outerspace. If you are not sure about your next move, ask us and we can take you there. Our companies bring dark into the innovation light.

New is
the new old

We do projects that project things. Future things, generally. The only thing we don‘t forecast is the weather. However, if you pay us a lot, we can do very sophisticated power point presentations about it.

Duck Horse
We make opposites fit.

The Dark Haus Innovation Holding ain‘t your ordinary incubator. We don‘t just hatch start-up ducklings and wait for them to do whatever they do. We just bought Duck Horse, a genetic engineering company that promises to fulfill nature‘s wildest dreams: The merger of ducks and horses. Now, that‘s an innovation the world has long waited for. Forget the Minotaur, forget unicorns - Duck Horses are the future!

Black Horse White horses are for fairytales.

Many people think innovation is like magic. We, at the Dark Haus Innovation Holding, of course know that the basis of really creative, disruptive ideas is money. Everybody who has ever worked in a corporate setting knows that enough cash to burn inevitably leads to great, transformative results. The talented folks at Black Horse, one of our oldest portfolio companies, are true masters in the art of innovation. They currently develop the „The DARK SIDE OF INNOVATION“ process that will help middle managers to efficiently use up more resources more quickly to faster arrive at break-through ideas.

D'accord Everybody can agree on innovation, right?

At the Dark Haus Innovation Holding it is our highest priority to always have our clients‘ opinion. We recently invested in D‘accord, a up-and-coming start-up that specializes in creative ways to always tell everybody exactly what they wanted to hear anyways. D‘accord will soon launch an innovative app that helps users to transform mundane, common-sense statements into absurd, highly complex info-graphics that can be used to back-up almost anything. Beta-testers already commented: „That‘s the greatest bullshit I have ever seen. Keep up the good work!“

Dark Whores The sexy side of innovation.

The world‘s oldest profession just got a 21st century update. The Dark Haus Innovation Holding staff was recently invited to an exclusive investors party at Silvio Berlusconi‘s mansion. The very same night, we acquired our latest portfolio company, an innovative e-service (e is for escort). Dark Whores take customers‘ needs right into their hands. Or anywhere else, if they want to. Really interesting things happen, when we switch out the lights in our Dark Haus.

Dark Horse
Great work, great name, often misunderstood.

Dark Horse is Dark Haus Innovation Holding‘s latest acquisition. The term Dark Horse is derived from British horse racing, where it refers to a previously unknown race horse that is hard to place bets on but will eventually win the race. Dark Horse is often misunderstood - as a name as well as with its approach. They believe you have to do something differently to be be innovative. The Berlin-based agency has 30 co-founders from 25 disciplines who work together without any hierarchy whatsoever. We at the Dark Haus Innovation Holding took them in to build a reputation for backing up even the craziest companies that are most unlikely to succeed.